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You will speak directly with Master Chef Gerald Ford on a zoom call to discuss if you are a good fit for Beyond the Food: Mise en Place for Executive Chefs. 

​Think of this discovery call as an open door, not a binding contract. I'm here to help outline your goals and check if my resources strike the right chord with your needs. If it turns out we're not the right match, that's completely okay. 

These calls are in high demand, so if you're going to grab a slot, please be sure you're all-in. Let’s respect each other's time and make the most out of our call. Looking forward to connecting with you.

​If you're having trouble finding availability on my calendar that works for you, please email me at


Chef Derrick Connor’s Implementation
“I have implemented the calculator and better job descriptions for what our kitchen needs.”

Chef Randy Pyren’s Transformation
“We are getting better organized; communicating better; setting standards; building a foundation for future growth.”

Chef David Vlach’s Achievement
“I'm becoming a better chef and leader. I'm communicating my vision to the team and guiding them to achieve these goals. As a team, we are more proactive and approach the day with purpose. This will create a better culture and lead to a better club.”

Chef Brandon Gross Implementation
“The club’s never had a system, everything was “shoot from the hip.” Now we do. I’ve changed the SOP’s, made the job descriptions clearer, and defined processes for my team.”

Chef Andrew Vaughn Implementation
“I’ve introduced the ‘Culinary Playbook’ across my team, which has significantly inspired them and established strategic alignment. Now, my team sees what the expectations are and the ‘Culinary Playbook’ acts as a guide for them to ensure their success in their outlets.”

Case Study: Chef Profita’s Success – “Going from being the warrior to being the general”

Before: The warrior. Thought he had a fairly good culinary program written. He had recipes, spreadsheets in excel, prep sheets. Was missing out on the lives of his two children because he was always at work.

After: The general. Is now “predictable” to his staff, implemented systems and is now the “general” running a professional kitchen with more time to spend with his family.

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